Clement Greenberg, the most influential art critic at the time and a fierce advocate of abstract art in New York since the 1940's, visited Edmonton and liked what he saw. One of his favourite discoveries was Robert Scott's bold gesture abstractions. 
-International Opulence Magazine


On my recent visit to Scott' studio, I had the pleasure to witness some of the finest abstract paintings done anywhere in this post modern world.
-Gordon Novak
Master Print Maker


Like Monet and Turner, Scott has lifted light from its burden of illumination of form. He has captured light, yet released it and the infinitely fascinating painted surface of the canvas becomes itself, a source of light.
-Edmonton Journal


Robert Austin Scott, RCA, was born in 1941 in Melfort, SK and spent a good part of his childhood in the town of LaFleche in south-western Saskatchewan. He studied art at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, AB. He received a diploma in Applied Arts in 1969 and completed an MFA from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB in 1976. He has exhibited extensively throughout Canada and internationally, and his work is in numerous public and private collections. He lives in Edmonton and travels regularly to a renovated school studio in Cadillac, SK.

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